Project Management (Time)

In Project Management, we essentially manage Time, control Cost without compromising Quality of the work. In today’s blog entry I present a worksheet which I made recently to manage time and cost of a Project.

Below you see the snapshot of Summary of the Report. The first two columns tells you about the number and name of ongoing Projects. Next 5 columns tells you about the financial status of the Project. Like Budget Amount vs Budget Consumed etc. The remaining columns tells you the status the different activities whether they are completed, ongoing or not yet started.


However the activity status columns do not give us the detailed picture, the management may need. For that we need to refer next Project worksheets.

Below you see the snapshot of Project worksheet. For different activities Planned vs Actual dates are given. Based on dates the excel Gantt chart gets mapped, blue for planned and orange for actual. The dates are on weekly basis, can be put on daily basis. Filters are provided to view only planned or actual activities. % Done column is provided for the Manager to fill the % activity completed as on date.


I have used conditional formatting for making the excel Gantt chart. The dates and values assumed are approx. User need to correct it as per his/her need. Hope you find it useful. Link to file:-

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Gantt Chart





Donut Infograph




The inspiration to make this came after seeing this kind of graphics in a newspaper. The data and picture is only for representation purpose.

Steps to make the infograph

1)      Prepare the data with Total


2)      Make a donut chart

3)      Click the total part twice, it gets selected, choose no fill color

4)      Pick the relevant photo/graphic and format it as per requirement

5)      Paste it over the half part of donut (the no fill part of donut), format as you like.