Girl Child Growth Record

Hi everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It’s been long time since my last article. One of my new year resolution is to be more active this year. I have one good news to share with you, I’m blessed with a baby girl. This has kept me busy for last two months. My daughter was born 15 days premature and she was diagnosed with IUGR which has basically to do with the restricted growth of baby inside the womb. This got me worried and totally occupied my mind for last two month. However she is good now. On our recent visit to doctor for vaccination, doctor said she has grown strongly.

Meanwhile I did a lot of research on child’s growth and my post also concerns the same. Child’s growth can be monitored on parameters like weight, length (height), head circumference, BMI relative to age or each other. Based on the data z-score and/or percentiles are calculated.

On the z-score chart you typically have 7 lines. The line labelled ‘0’ on the growth chart is the median which is, generally speaking, the average. The other lines, called z-score lines, indicate distance from the average. A point or trend which is far from the median, such as 3 or –3, indicates a growth problem

The growth curve of a normally growing child will usually follow a track that is roughly parallel to the median. The track may be above or below the median. A flat line indicates that the child is not growing. This is called stagnation and need to be investigated.

Growth percentile are another way of reading child’s growth, it is based on z-score only (standard normal distribution). 50 percentile indicate median growth.

You can find these charts on many websites, why not make one in excel. I have drawn a girls z-score charts because I think they are less cluttered and easier to read and percentiles are also calculated. The data is taken from WHO/CDC website. I have done approximations at some places to complete the data set. With this file you can monitor the growth of your child just like me. It will indicate problem areas if any and help you take corrective actions.


You can download the file from link below