a million dollar trick !!!

In a financial model or sales analysis or any other excel worksheet we often need to convert figures in millions. Common methods used are to divide by a million or 10^6, multiply by 10^-6…

Today I learnt a new trick is to multiply by “1%%%” i.e. 1 followed by 3 times % sign. 1 time % gives you an effect of divide by 100, therefore 3 times % gives you divide by a million effect.


another cool trick is to use format cells -> custom->0.00,,   i.e 0.00 followed by comma twice. 0.00 for two decimal place two commas for million


however the number will remain in their original format but they will only be displayed in million format.



Say no to merge cells and yes to center across selection

I hate when people use merge cell in excel, particularly when it’s in a calculation sheet. It kind of take your cursor somewhere else while using keyboard shortcuts. I believe if merge cells are used only for presentation purpose then it’s okay else big NO.

One good alternative that can be used instead of merge cell is format cell->Alignment->under horizontal option select center across selection -> OK


It gives the effect of merge cell without actually merging them. It makes a lot easier working in calculation sheet.