Pivot Nugget – Classic Layout & Subtotals

I have data as shown below and want to summarize the report with sales from few heads like region, product, salesman.


I use Excel 2007 for work, the pivot on data will produce following result


however i find it better to have a classic view as i feel it is better presented and less confusing

click inside the pivot table, goto PivotTable tools -> Options and follow instructions as below


and you get the output data like this


but there is still one thing that bugs me is Subtotals, i can get rid of them from  PivotTable tools -> Design -> Layout -> SubTotals

but it removes all the subtotals and directly gives you the Grand total whereas I want to keep region wise subtotals and get rid of product wise subtotals

So click inside the Pivot table goto field list, under the head Row labels Click on Products -> Field settings and select Subtotals None, you get the output









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