Donut Infograph




The inspiration to make this came after seeing this kind of graphics in a newspaper. The data and picture is only for representation purpose.

Steps to make the infograph

1)      Prepare the data with Total


2)      Make a donut chart

3)      Click the total part twice, it gets selected, choose no fill color

4)      Pick the relevant photo/graphic and format it as per requirement

5)      Paste it over the half part of donut (the no fill part of donut), format as you like.


Formula Editing – small trick

It’s a small trick, might save some time for you. Often we need to select a part of cells in a big formula for operations like making absolute reference, deleting etc., and we keep selecting it with mouse cursor and end up selecting wrong cells or selecting nearby comma. it can be frustrating at times. Once attempting the same I discovered that if I click on that part of formula syntax which appear when I m trying to edit formula, that very part gets selected and I can perform the desired operations.