Number formatting

We all need to format numbers in worksheet . One of the shortcut I use is Ctrl+Shift+1. It formats number with two decimal place.

I often have to format big numbers with no decimal place frequently. Using CS1 and reducing decimal from home tab again and again takes time. As I couldn’t find any shortcut, I m sharing a single line macro for that which is saved in my personal macro.


Sub Numfrmt()

‘ Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+T

    Selection.NumberFormat = “#,##0”
End Sub



Time Table

@ CEO office

Juno, please take down my schedule for tomorrow morning  45  mins with VP marketing, 45 mins with VP operations, 1 hr with clients, lunch with clients at five star hotel, post lunch 30 mins with GM HR, 30 mins with GM IT and an hour each  for meeting with VP finance, factory visit and meeting with MD, send me my schedule in Excel right away.

And keep the time formula based so that I can change duration and check the impact on schedule

Formulas for Juno’s help (1)duration/(24*60)    or   (2)TIME  

assuming top left cell is A1


Enter first start time manually

end of previous activity is start of next one, therefore drag B2 down

choose any one of the two formula in B column and drag down, my favorite is first one 

Change in duration will change time automatically

Juno got a raise in next appraisal