Organisation Chart using SmartArt

Goto  Insert -> SmartArt in Illustrations -> Hierarchy -> Organisation Chart

A default structure will be pasted, which you can design the way you like

Right click on any of the box -> Add shape


Add box after, before, below or  above the given box

Play with the shapes, color, text to make a neat chart

For pasting boxes at same level you can use Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V shortcut

Lot of other things can be done using  dessign tab like layout, promote/demote  etc..


As the chart grows bigger it may become difficult for arrangement of boxes

You can enlarge the drawing area by dragging it from one of the corner

Home -> Editing -> Select objects can be used of selecting multiple boxes and dragging them as required

Nudge the boxes with Ctrl + arrow up or down


Can do the same thing in MS Word/PPT